Devinity 2 has a large platter of space ships to fly about. Some large, some small, but they all have their own little aspects that make them cool.

Types of ShipsEdit

2014-03-14 00011

The Hornet, a Fighter class ship.

Each Ship has it's own class, which means it has it's own class of weapons. Here's the list of current classes.

Fighter: A small class that is normally very fast and doesn't have much shield, armor, and health.

Fighter ShipsThe Hornet T1-5Corvus T1-2 , and Vixen T1-2.

Frigate: A medium sized class that goes a moderate-slow pace with fair amount of shield, armor, and health.

Frigate Ships: Aurora T1-5
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The Abydos, a Crusier class ship.

Crusier: A Large class, powerful class that is very slow. But makes up for it with heavy shield, armor, and health

Crusier Ships: Abydos T1-2 and Mother of God

Transport: A small class that is slow at turning but fast in a single direction. It has lots of shield, armor, and health.

Transport Ships: Orion T1-5 (Ship changes throughout Tiers)

Titan: The LARGEST ships in the gamemode. They have the most amount of shield,

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The Orion (T3), a Transport class ship.

armor, and health and are very slow.

Titan Ships: Halcyon, The Maw, and Keitaro COS (Both T.M. and K.COS are admin Ships and are unable to be used by players)

Battleship: Very large ships capable of holding many weaponry. While very slow they pack a lot of shield, armor, and health.

Battleships: The Goliath