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The Hornet, the cheapest ship and quite possibley the worst ship.

The Hornet is the beginner ship, every new player gets it. It is also the weakest in the entire gamemode. However, it has very good speed and agility, comparable to the Corvus and Vixen.


Slots: 2

Speed: 8/10

Handling: 8/10

Type: Fighter

Health, Armor, Shield, and Dmg Taken stats:

T1: 1k Health, 600 Armor, 500 Shield, and 100% Dmg Taken

T2: 10k Health, 8k Armor, 7k Shield, and 95% Dmg Taken

T3:  300k Health, 230k Armor, 100k Shield, and 90% Dmg Taken

T4: 600k Health, 530k Armor, 400k Shield, and 85% Dmg Taken

T5: 1.2m Health, 930k Armor, 800k Shield, and 70% Dmg Taken

Trail Colors:

T1: Very bright, almost white, blue

T2: Light-Blue (?)

T3: Green (?)

T4: Darker Red

T5: Pink-Purple


The Hornet is the cheapest ship in Devinity 2 in every tier.

T1: 100 GCS

T2: 100k GCS

T3: 550k GCS

T4: 5.55m GCS

T5: 16.55m GCS